Moisturizing vs Emollient: what's the difference?

This time of year, it's critical to hydrate your insides & moisturize your outside. The lower humidity, sweeping winds and dry forced-air heating suck the moisture out of our skin. Hot showers aren't quite the answer - they dry us out too! Warm showers, warm baths, good quality non-drying handmade soap and plenty of water-laden lotion help.

Water is moisturizing.

Products with water deliver moisture to the skin. Think lotion. Nothing can replace good lotion as a moisturizing base after shower, and lotion is ideal for quick moisture when you need it throughout the day.

Oils, butters and waxes are emollient.

They make the skin more supple and provide nourishment and protection. Think lip balm & salve. They do not moisturize, but salve can seal existing moisture after putting on lotion. This double layering is a great way to protect against chapping when you'll be exposed outdoors as well as to help replenish overnight. Want to make your own salve? Keep reading...