I always start our rare posts with a little tidbit about family life. We're halfway through Brian's deployment in Japan! About one year to go... The ship is in dry dock and Brian has been enjoying the kinder schedule and better opportunities for connecting with home.

We recently had a conversation that went something like this:

Him: Now that the ship is in dry dock, I have several trips per day between ship and whammy-dyne barge. It’s about a mile each way, and I’m so tired when I get off work.

Me: Why don’t you just use a shipyard bike for getting around efficiently?

Him: Because using a bike involves getting a helmet, a bell, a lock, a light, a reflective vest, a license plate, and a bicycle driver’s license.

Me: (silence, digesting this...)

Him: Bike parking places are limited, so if you park outside a bike parking zone or double up in a bike parking zone, the Bike Police will come cut your lock and take your bike. Every so often they’ll hold an auction and then you might get your bike back.

Me: (still silently digesting...)

Him: Things are very orderly and organized. You can’t make up this stuff! But I have been enjoying the cherry blossoms.

That's this episode's glimpse into Navy life. Our big Apothecary news is that we've been in our brick-and-mortar shop nearly a year, and are throwing a soiree to celebrate! We used the quiet winter months to expand the workspace into a bright sunny back room, leaving more shopping space up front... and we've filled it with many good things. Our favorite thing is our new PERFUME BAR

This is the most exciting thing to happen to perfume since Mr. Selfridge put it at the front of the store over 100 years ago. Use to be, you'd have your own blend created by a local perfumer who knew your tastes and the most important part of your perfume was YOU. Things changed with mass production and the introduction of cheap synthetics.