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Moving with the times

The arc of how we bring things to market has followed a natural progression. For our first eight or nine years, we participated in fantastic local hand-made shows and festivals, and offered coast-to-coast wholesale.

After opening our little boutique, pictured above, we did shows as time allowed, and shrank our wholesale. The focus was on the customer experience in the shop. We had grand plans for this as our post-Navy retirement work, and still miss our tiny shop, but a greedy landlord crapped all over our retirement plan. To this day, we still get calls from people wanting to visit us at C'ville soapbox, and it's painful to have to say that it's closed.

Fortunately, we're able to point you to local options for finding our products. After closing our shop, we began working with local indie storefronts here in central Virginia, to bring our products to your town, so you can find them on a regular basis. The handmade apothecary experience is hyper-regional, and we love the thrill of contributing to the creative economy.

The shape of our business model today means means more work-time in the studio. Great for an introvert, but being an introvert even has its limits, and YES, we miss the connection with you!