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Our ruggedly enchanting Gentleman Farmer is classic and distinguished, with a dash of elegance lent by hardworking Tweed out in the fields. Holding up to the test of time, Gentleman Farmer elegantly combines woody freshness and clean masculinity, with notes of verbena, Florentine iris, violet leaves, sandalwood, and amber.

Presented in real mason jars with vintage-finish lids and our signature bow for a polished look, our farmhouse collection tells stories inspired by warm climate scents, memories of lazy summers and cozy winters by the fireside. We use our own blends of essential oils and carefully selected, phthalate-free fragrances, working with notes that, in nature, would come from material that is in some way not ethical, ecological, or practical. You wouldn't be down with that, and neither are we. Sometimes it's just a good idea to mix science and art.

Fragrance profile: citrus, wood, green herbal, amber

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