Bergamot, sandalwood, patchouli, dragon's blood, and cedarwood notes are braided into an earthy, creamy diffusion that mellows the soul.

Thought you didn't like patchouli? We used aged, copper-distilled patchouli, and while Rare Earth is a perennial favorite with our self-proclaimed hippie customers, we've surprised many who have discovered that a well-balanced patchouli is a wondrous fragrance.

The sweetly spicy, blood-red resin of the Dracaena cinnabari, or Socotra dragon blood tree has been valued for centuries in the Old World for healing, magic, and perfumery. Due to shrinking habitat and the fact that the resin is too thick to wick in candles, we entwine a dragon's blood fragrance that smells like the real thing without endangerment of these vulnerable trees.

Presented in real mason jars with vintage-finish lids and our signature bow for a polished look, our farmhouse collection tells stories inspired by warm climate scents, memories of lazy summers and cozy winters by the fireside. We use our own blends of essential oils and carefully selected, phthalate-free fragrances, working with notes that, in nature, would come from material that is in some way not ethical, ecological, or practical. You wouldn't be down with that, and neither are we. Sometimes it's just a good idea to mix science and art.

Fragrance profile: warm woody, resinous, earthy

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